THAT moment

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (or CoD6). It’s available to play for Xbox 360 owners. It’s sort of available to PC retail purchasers (Tensing had troubles getting Steam to recognise that he owned an installed copy, and didn’t want to download the whole game again). It’s not yet available to Steam pre-orderers (of which I am one). My point is, I’ve not played the fucking thing yet.

Of course, the entire internet is going OMFG THIS GAEM SI AWESUM LOLOL. There’s the odd report of dissenting voices, primarily related to the technical problems that have appeared on the PC versions, but mostly the reaction has been hugely positive.

Weirdly enough, out of all the reviews and previews and articles going up about it, there’s mention of THAT moment. I don’t know what it is yet, and I don’t want to until I’ve played it myself (“hurriedly closing browser windows” is the new “jamming your fingers in your ear whilst shouting ‘la la la I can’t hear you'”). But dammit, I am intrigued. What could THAT moment be? Does it involve Take That being shot live on a stage by the terrorists? Are you asked to butcher the residents of a hospital whilst being followed by a mime who merely weeps into the world’s saddest-sounding violin? Are you forced to watch a vaguely arabic-looking angry gentleman punch a swan to death? Not knowing what THAT moment is, coupled with the fact that the word “that” always appears in capitals or italics, is making my imagination go apeshit right now. The ideas above are the safest to print, too.

I’m going to break my promise to myself now. I’m actually going to type it. Here goes!

I can’t fucking wait to play this game.

There. I’ve done it. Joined the masses in the hype. Gutted.

Also – I’ve had Pandi call me at work to tell me he is playing it all day, and Tensing emailed me to say he got it working last night. I say to you both – I have to wait until about 11.45pm for my copy to unlock. You are not helping.

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