Top 5 games since 2000

In no particular order, list is subjective blah blah:

  • World of Warcraft – Introduced me to multiplayer, but properly. Led to the pan-European drinking raids. A world to explore and conquer, with room for all sorts of play styles. Love it.
  • Fable 2 – It’s all about you. Lots of “fuckin hell!” moments, in a good way. A game you play with, for once, which is spot on.
  • Amplitude – I nearly went with Frequency, but that was too hard. Amplitude made it user friendly, and let you make your own tracks. No Guitar Hero / Rock Band without it.
  • Halo – Took elements from all shooters, and focused them all on making you feel like you were a bloke in a power suit that made you a one man army. Also gave you a genuine environment to play in. Well, some of the time, but it was enough. Fuck the sequels, and fuck Edge’s 10/10 for Halo 3; the first was the only revolution that mattered.
  • Peggle – The guilty pleasure of the list. A game for gaming’s sake, and all the better for it. Pinball and pachinko, with added Burnout rewards and enough unique flourishes of character to endear it to millions.

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