Borderlands – multiplayer

FINALLY got on Borderlands multiplayer last night. I could have gone on with randoms, but I wanted to wait until I could get on with chums. Chums tend to let you off for thieving everything really quick (like I did all night, sorry).

So! Differences – the game is harder. Scales well, but the increase in difficulty is definitely felt in the early levels. Whoever hosts the game is responsible for the active quest management stuff, so they need to keep on top of which quests are doable at any point and which are fucking impossible. This is a pain in the arse for them, but is easily sorted.

The biggest problem I have is when people die in the game. There was three of us last night, and two of us died (me being one of them, of course). We started sprinting to get back to the other player to help them, but they bled out before we could get there. I understand that having the resurrection points next to where you die would make it too easy, but we were at level three or something – surely you’d make it easy to start with and gradually increase the distance with each level until you’ve got no chance? Anyways, that happened a lot (I picked to play as the tank, so I kept running in to kill shit up close, when in fact I kept dying quickly, so I’m doing something wrong).

Each player has their own inventory for picking up weapons, but I think there’s a shared pot of money for all. I think so. I could be wrong. I kept spending the cash I/we had on healing (cos I kept dying), and I think this meant the others couldn’t get guns as often. But I’m not sure. For a game which relies on cash for everything (even respawns cost money), the designers should make it clear if everyone spends from the same pot of cash. I didn’t want to skint my mates.

(something else I didn’t realise for ages is that your mates can heal you when you’re on the deck and dying, but when you shoot things still, it resets the healing timer; sorry guys!)

Taking the above into consideration, it was fucking AWESOME. I went as a tank, so I was fucking legging it into every fight like a motherfucker – if I couldn’t shoot things, I was punching the fuck out of them. Tensing went as the ginger bird (snigger), shooting from the sidelines with the SMG or going all quick-roguey invisible and blowing shit up. Drav was the soldier, chucking down turrets at the back and sniping the heads off stuff from way back. We weren’t talking much over voice comms, cos we’d all settled naturally into our roles and were just killing fuck out of everything with glee.

Once we’d all got to level 7, and had decent guns each, the game got a steady rhythm; most fighty bits didn’t last 30 seconds, and the odd big bastard went down in just over a minute each time. It was immediate and fucking rapid gameplay, which is Borderlands at it’s best. The compulsive aspects of WoW, mixed with a fast-paced, gorgeous FPS. I can’t wait to get back there with my buds.

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