The Wii

Yep, I finally got one. I have a total of three games for it – Wii Sports (came with it), Wii Sports Resort Sports (came with it as well), and Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Out of the three, I’ve played Metroid Prime Trilogy, cos I actually wanted to play it. Started with Metroid Prime.

The problem with the Gamecube version was the controls. That Gamecube pad was tremendous for Super Monkey Ball, and fucking hideous for anything else. Especially FPS games. With Metroid Prime on the Wii, they’ve taken the control system from the last game and imported it into the other two games.

And fucking hell, it is good. Actually, that doesn’t do it justice – it is GOOD. OK, it doesn’t have the extra awesomes of the last game, like soldering locks and pulling handles and all that. All it has is pointing and scanning and shooting. But when it’s done so well, that will do me.

So yeah, Metroid Prime Trilogy is GOOD. And cos of this, I’m starting to like the Wii.

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