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I realised the other day that Borderlands is like raiding in World of Warcraft (or any other MMORPG, I’d imagine). Well, it’s like raiding without the tactics. And without thirty six other people. And in first person. With guns.

What carries over is the stress. You worry that you’re in the wrong place. You’ve got the wrong weapon. You’re doing too much damage. You’re not doing enough damage. You should have brought more health potion things. You’re too low level to win. You’ve won, but you’re not sure if you should steal that gun on the ground.

What makes it better than raiding, for me, is all of the above. It is chaos. Pure and simple “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing but I’m gonna shoot the fuck out of anything and everything OH MY FUCK THAT THING SET ME ON FIRE I killed it phew ooh a shotgun MINE sorry”. It’s so quick. WoW and the like have timers built in; the pace is set by the server, and rarely gets too much to handle when you’re skilled at your role. In Borderlands, no such luxury. It plays at a fair rate for an FPS, let alone an RPG. You don’t have time to think. You barely have time to react.

MMORPGS are Napoleon, looking out over a field, planning where to go and when, re-evaluating on the fly and making calls accordingly. Borderlands is Mel Gibson with blue face paint, massive sword in his hand, running into carnage. I’d have said William Wallace, but I like mixing metaphors and generally writing like I’m winging it. Which I am. Which is apt, I think. Even though, if you believe Braveheart, then William Wallace was also a bit handy with a tactic or two. But hopefully you get my point.

Borderlands is fucking awesome. Get some chums, go online with it. Don’t think. Feel.


    don’t think, feel – who the fuck are you? Paul McKenna? also the reason why it might be so much carnage for us is the fact that you are the biggest aggro magnet I know – either that or it’s me – can’t figure it out!!

  • It’s not me, it’s you. Fuck off 😀

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