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I don’t talk about films on here very often, cos over a long period of time I’ve grown to like games more than films. Sometimes, I get an itch that a game can’t scratch. Sometimes I just wanna sit the fuck down without a keyboard being stuck to my lap. Most times, when I eat, I wanna watch stuff.

So, the other day I got hold of a copy of a film called Frequency. It’s ten years old now, and I saw this with my dad about, ooh, eight years ago? Maybe less? It’s apt, because the film is about a guy and his dad. The guy is in 1999, the dad is in 1969, but because of some solar flare there’s a weird Aurora Borealis thing happening over New York, and cos of this they can talk to each other through time over a CB radio. And there’s a murder to solve. It’s a fucking good film, really. The whole northern lights thing is handled well; the guy never questions it, cos he is just happy to speak to his dad who had been dead 30 years. The film takes the thing that makes it absolute bollocks and leaves it as quickly as it can so it can concentrate on the main thing – the plot.

This is a hallmark of most of the films that director Gregory Hoblit has done. He’s one of them directors where everyone has seen at least one of his films, and people don’t really have a bad word to say about them, and yet the guy’s pretty much anonymous. Of the films of his I’ve seen, they mostly have a “cop + weird shit” plot. OK, so Primal Fear had a lawyer working with a schizo, but the fact is they all feed you the story, and you think “Aha! It’s gonna end like this!” and the film goes “Aha! I knew you were gonna think that, cos I’m the film, so instead I’m gonna go here!” and you go “FUCK!” and it’s awesome. Frequency is probably the weakest of his films when considered like this, to be honest, because the trick it uses for the end, it shows you once already, and it’s a good trick, and if you’re me, you’re thinking of how the film is gonna use it again. But I digress.

A quick search on IMDB, and in the last 14 years Gregory Hoblit has directed 6 films, three of which I’ve seen. I’ve mentioned Frequency and Primal Fear, the other one I’ve seen (which is my fave out of the three by far) is a film called Fallen. It starred Denzel Washington and John Goodman, and Denzel Washington is a cop against the Devil. That’s all I can remember about the film, but I do remember thinking it was fucking clever. Oh, and every time I hear Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones, I remember Fallen. Can’t remember why it’s significant, but I remember it.

If I was going to have a point to this post, it’d be that I’m glad a director got to know what he liked best (“Cop or lawyer versus freaky fucking shit” films), and then got to make at least three fucking good films about it. In a row. Like he just had to get it out of his system.

I’m getting hold of copies of the rest of his films (Hart’s War, Untraceable and Fracture), which I’ve never seen before. I hope they’re as memorable to me as his first three films.

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    That itch you mention isn’t going to be cured watching a film….

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