Portal v1.1

Well, there’s no use crying over every mistake. Portal had an ambiguous ending, which at the time led to all sorts of speculation. Is she dead? Is she alive? Things like that?

The game has been patched twice this week. First time, you now get an achievement for carrying a radio through the game and finding where the radio static turns into sounds. These sounds have since been found to be images encoded as sounds, or something equally wtf. The images are a bit odd and open to interpretation. Also, one of the images led to a BBS board in the US which revealed some more info and images. Also open to interpretation.

This morning, Valve have been a bit more explicit. They’ve changed the ending to the game. If you want to see it, look for it on YouTube. Or finish the game again. You’ll be glad you did.

This is going to end in happy geeky tears of joy!

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