day 03 – a song that makes you happy

This one will be easy.

I can never settle on music playing software on my PC. I keep trying Winamp, but it’s too fiddly and stuffed with a bajillion options. And I can never pick just one skin for it, I have to have forty eight on the go and choose between them every five minutes. Anyways, Windows Media Player is ok, but it looks a bit gash and I don’t trust the library function. It loses stuff. So does iTunes, to be fair, but I know iTunes inside out now. I can put up with it occasionally losing a song. Oh, and Songbird and MusicBee and all the other open source music apps – they all look the same. Does my head in.

So, fuck you for not asking, but I use iTunes. There. I said it. I feel better now. The point for all this is that, in any installation of iTunes I use, there will be a playlist. One playlist which is common to the PCs I use. Mostly it’s called “Friday night”, although on this PC it’s called “FUCK IT” (a self-motivational message that never loses its power over me). This playlist abandons the sometimes miserable, sometimes depressing music that I sometimes like to listen to. There won’t be any Interpol in there (although NYC is quite sweet). What this playlist does contain is the musical equivalent of kerosene – an explosive and volatile mixture which can raise my mood to the point where I leave the flat and get pissed with my pals.

It contains all sorts of weird and wonderful musical chemistry. The playlist is on random at the moment, so let’s click Next five times and see what it comes up with.

First off, Journey Of The Sorceror by The Eagles. This was the theme for the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy TV show, and porbably the radio show too, and it popped up at the start of the movie too. It registers 10,000 rads on the Awesometer.

A click of “next” and I get Straight In At 101 by Los Campesinos! Not sure what to make of these. I loved The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future. I’m still waiting for the rest of the Romance Is Boring album to make a similar impact. Hasn’t yet. Fuck knows how it got into this playlist, actually. Must stop downloading music when drunk, I suppose. Onwards!

Ooooh, a fucking classic. The Test by The Chemical Brothers featuring Richard Ashcroft. Yes Richard, you are coming through, and it is sweet, and pure, and true. Love this. Again again!

Breakneck Speed by Tokyo Police Club. Not really heard this one yet. Got it off a blog somewhere, probably Stereogum. I liked Tokyo Police Club’s first album, Elephant Shell. In A Cave and Juno were superb. So I got this here song and eventually I will form an opinion. Up to now, it’s looking good. Last click!

Awwwww. Poor Leno by Royksopp. I must have heard the Melody AM album more than Royksopp. It was on heavy rotation in the Palace Terrace flat for a year. Anyway, it still manages to enhance my calm. And Poor Leno is ace. Pity the band didn’t go on to better things, really.

So there you go, a random taster of what is in my “EMERGENCY – PUSH THE RED BUTTON AND CHEER THE FUCK UP” playlist. Which neatly brings me to my choice of song what cheers me up. It’s one which keeps getting hunted down in that playlist and clicked relentlessly. It’s a stupid, stupid song, and that only endears it to me more. And I said that Royksopp hadn’t gone on to better things, when really THEY HAD! THIS SONG! Just this one, mind you. But it’s enough for me.

Yep, the one what I am going on about is Happy Up Here by Royksopp. I mean, there’s other songs that make me happy. A whole scutch of them. 1.2 days worth, according to iTunes. I’ve not mentioned Lemon Jelly, or We Are Scientists, 65daysofstatic, Phoenix, Mclusky, Doves; the list goes on. I’ve let my music down, and I’ve let myself down. But. But! Fuck it. Happy Up Here it is. Cos it always goes down smooth.

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

(and for bonus points! It’s The Hood Internet’s delightful mashup of Happy Up Here with Lil Wayne, because you’re worth it)

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