day 04 – a song that makes you sad

Kevin Costner is underrated. IMHO etc. OK, so there was Waterworld (which wasn’t that bad, or gets points for being so bad it’s good at least), and The Postman (which was just weird). I know there’s others, but I can’t be fucked thinking of them. Anyways, the point is that he’s made some shite films. But by Christ, he was brave to even attempt them. I mean, he got kudos for making a Western when they weren’t being made any more (and he got an Oscar for his troubles, too). But that was a ballsy move. A 3 hour long Western that sides with the Indians. Not exactly a compelling argument to spend money to see it (although I did sleep with someone so I could watch it one Xmas, but that’s another story, which is possibly more tragic for all concerned).

Some actors have a way of turning something that sounds like a disaster on the page into a startling success on the screen (think of early De Niro roles; Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, arguably even The Godfather Part 2). I’d argue that Kevin Costner is blatantly not one of them. But he tries! He gives it his best shot each time. Puts his reputation and money on the line each time, and never phones it in. More than you can say of pretty much anyone in Hollywood these days (the obvious exception being Johnny Depp, who has managed to make a career out of making his every role a fucking weird one, and they all work).

All this is leading up to a film which Kevin Costner made which was risky as fuck, and was also very awesome, and which about six people on the planet have seen. It’s called Mr Brooks. It starts Costner as the Mr Brooks of the title; a dedicated family man, successful in business and life, who is also a serial killer. See? A brave role! He’s a dad and a husband and he slaughters people so he can crack one off. I doubt Liam Neeson would try this kind of role. Still with me? Right. William Hurt also stars as Mr Brooks’ murderous side of his split personality. You know, only Mr Brooks (and the audience) can see him or hear him, and he tries to convince Mr Brooks to go out killing again after giving it up for several years.

This being a film, of course, he does. After years and years of killing and getting away with it, he gets caught in the act by an amateur photographer played by Dane Cook (who is an asshole in the film, and may well be an asshole in real life, but at least in the film he’s meant to be one). The photographer witnesses the murder and gets a hard on, and so begins his mission to blackmail Mr Brooks to teach him how to get away with murder. While all this is going on, a driven and dedicated homicide detective (Demi Moore) is on Mr Brooks’s ass, but she’s also got another escaped serial killer on her ass too. And her husband is pushing for a divorce, because she is a multi-millionaire cop (weird, innit!).

OK, that’s enough spoiled. The film is a gripping serial killer thriller, but it’s not got much action. The suspense comes from all the different plot threads closing in on Mr Brooks, and wondering just how Brooks (and his split personality) is going to get out of all this intact. It’s a wonderful film which touches on a billions related subjects and pulls them all in perfectly. It’s riveting.

So, this here blog thing is about music that makes me sad. The film has this song in it, and it makes me sad, in a good way. Yes, I know I should have a song which makes me sad that has some other deeper meaning, but I don’t. I am a shallow man. And Mr Brooks is brilliant. And this song makes me sad until the end, when it gets awesome.

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