day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone

I’ve kind of already done this one in day one, but I’ll do it again with a different song.

Also, behind-the-scenes spoiler alert – I don’t exactly post these stories every day. Also, I’m writing most of them in advance and posting them on the day I’m meant to. Also – I had stories for this week all lined up, but due to people fucking up the family PC by accident, and due to someone being an intolerable arsehole to the mother of my semi-step-daughter (which is a longer story than it should be), and due to today being LASAGNE FRIDAY!!!, and due to me getting home a couple of hours ago with a bottle of Jack and a bottle of Coke and drinking said Jack and Coke until now, well, my planned schedule has gone out the window. So, this is me being hammered and truthful and live, instead of the pre-written stuff.

A song that reminds me of someone. Hmmmm. Pretty much every song I like reminds me of someone, or something involving someone somewhere. Most of the time, that’s why I like music. It reminds me of something or someone. Now though, I have to choose a track what isn’t Where Is My Mind by the Pixies, which is my kind of obvious retrospective choice.

When in doubt – fire up the “FUCK IT” playlist in iTunes and see where it lands. And ooh, this is a good ‘un.

So – picture the scene. I’ve gone round my ex-girlfriend’s house to see the semi-step-nipper. I lived with the semi-step-nipper for long enough to know she’s awesome, and if I was ever foolish to unleash my sperms onto unfertilised eggs, I’d hope and pray they eventually grew up to be half as awesome as she is, hence me going round there while her mum’s new boyfriend is there. It’s a bit weird, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I know my place. What I didn’t know is that my ex’s brother was there. I entertain the semi-step-nipper (I know my place), and the ex’s boyfriend goes out for the evening. Eventually, the nipper’s bed time arrives and she goes to bed. By this time, I’ve tucked into some beers with the ex’s brother, and we’re having a giggle. The ex was testing some IP TV thing at the time, so she got free films through the TV. She fucks off to bed, and I stay up with her brother. He’s flicking through the channels, and I see a film I’ve heard of.

Anyone who knows me will recognise this. This is the moment where I know the tiniest morsel of fact about something I want to see, and will expand it beyond all reason in order to secure a viewing. One of the frequent bouts of trying to get my own way. I am unapologetic, because if you know what I’m on about, you have known me long enough to accept it. Haha! Fuck you. Anyway, the film in question is called Southland Tales, by the guy who made Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko confused the shit out of me until I went through the website and pieced together the plot, and then I loved it. However, I considered this to be an experience I’d only go through once – if a film needs a fucking website to make sense, then it’s not doing its job.

So, me and my ex’s brother watched Southland Tales. We weren’t as drunk as I am now (which is a lot, cos I tripped over a door on my way to the PC about fifteen minutes ago), but we had been caning the beers. This turned out to be a blessing, cos the film didn’t need a website to explain the story, it needed three comics (which I now have). Being hammered helped us ignore the shit we didn’t understand, and got us both through to the end, where it abandons all sense and goes mental (although now I know what it means, thanks to the comics). The film ends, and we both turn to each other at exactly the same time and say “what the fuck was all that about?”. We then proceeded to have the longest conversation we’d ever had, about what the film was about, whether it was any good, whether we’d want to watch it all again, and why have we ran out of beer?

Next day, there’s three things I remember from the night before. 1 – I saw the most mental film I’d ever seen the night before, 2 – the bit where they get into their cars as dusk settles to the tune of Blackout by Muse is fucking beautiful, and 3 – there was a live version of Planet Telex by Radiohead in there somewhere. Seriously, fuck the plot and the characters and everything – there was a Radiohead live version I’d never heard before. In a film. I don’t forget Radiohead lightly.

Eventually, I get hold of a copy of the soundtrack. I listen to it, and it’s a thing of beauty. A few Moby B-sides (cos he made the soundtrack), and a lot of Moby-style trance stuff, and a load of proper songs, one of which is a live version of Planet Telex by Radiohead.

And what does this remind me of? This reminds me of watching the biggest mindfuck of a film I’ve ever seen with J, both of us turning round at the same time, and saying to each other “what the fuck was that?!”, and us eventually deciding that it was a good film, but neither of us could work out why exactly.

I’ve seen the film since, seen it a few times now. And read the comics. And got the soundtrack. And whenever I come across something to do with it, I always get reminded of the bizarre feeling I shared with J that night, who was just as confused and entertained, and then confused again, as I was. I guess you had to be there 🙂

Another shallow and boring story. But hey, it’s my blog. I am under no obligation to entertain you, only myself. And sorry for it being shite, but I honestly clicked the “next” button in iTunes, and the live version of Planet Telex by Radiohead played (which is actually off Just CD2, which is the second CD single released for the song Just, off The Bends, fact fans). Honesty, it’s what I do.

Kind of 🙂


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