Left 4 Dead 2 2: The sequel!

Fuck. I hate stuff like this. You find something out, and it’s clever and funny and sweet and daft and ace. But, it’s also kind of a spoiler. As in, stumbling across it made it awesome. So for anyone who may have recently come across the game and is playing through it obsessively (just like me!), here’s a “as spoiler-free as I can possibly make it” guide as to how to find this little slice of entertainment.

Somewhere in Left 4 Dead 2, there is a song by Jonathan Coulton (and if you are aware of his work, it won’t be hard to guess which song). If you find it, don’t move. Just before it plays the chorus, look out the window.

I died (virtually, in the game) from laughing (out loud, in real life). Valve, they’re fucking clever 😀

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