Drunken film rambling – again!

You’d have thought I’d have learned the first time, eh?

Started watching Moon again. Weird but good film, but weird. But good. Anyway, one of them things I don’t usually notice, but did tonight, is there’s a fucking lovely shot when Sam Rockwell is waking up. He’s lying down, and the camera is tight in on his face, and focused on his eyes blinking. Then the focus goes over to his mouth as his face moves, and then goes back to his eyes as he talks for the first time. Weird thing. No idea as to how you get a camera to focus on different bits like that, without physically moving the camera. If it’s done with the lens, that’s skillful as fuck. If it’s a CGI cheat, then I’m also impressed, but not as much, cos it’s cheating.

I’ve forgotten just how good this film is.

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