For the record

Hello! For the record, I’ve not turned this blog into a linkdump. I’m merely waiting for inspiration to strike. I’m also waiting to break in my new keyboard, so that it actually types what I want it to, and not the general mash of keys my fat fingers aim at.

For anyone who gives a shit, games I’m currently playing are:

  • Team Fortress 2 – I’m part of a group that has entered the Highlander Challenge. We’re aiming for “not being last”, but we’re also taking the odd sideways crafty glance at the in-game medal which can be earned and worn forever. Interesting note – I forgot that I participated in the TF2 beta waaaay back when, so I’ve got the Primeval Warrior medal. This must surely mean I am more awesome at the game than my always average performance indicates. I blame statistics or scores, whichever comes first.
  • Race Driver: GRID and Just Cause 2 – I finally twigged that I can plug the Xbox 360 controller into the PC. So that’s what I did. Then I realised that I don’t want to play my existing games collection with them. I need new games for this. So I got Race Driver: GRID in the Steam sale (£6.00! BARGAIN) and Just Cause 2. Race Driver: GRID is obvious; I grew up playing the original Gran Turismo and the Project Gotham series on pads, so playing a driving game on the Xbox pad is second nature to me. And by fuck, it’s fast! It moves like turbo-charged shit off a teflon shovel. I can only finish a race in first if I lean forwards and pull my concentrating face (Bob and Shabby – this means my “jaw face”). This means it’s a good game.
  • Just Cause 2 though, that’s an odd one. I’ve read online that, for the PC version, it is much more fun playing on Easy and installing the BOLOpatch from the start. Me being me, I’ve started on Normal and fucked the patch /  hack off for now. The game is awesome and fun, but it also has fourteen billion commands, and they need to be pressed so quickly that I’ve decided that a(n) Xbox 360 pad will do the job better. I tried the demo with the mouse and keyboard, but by fuck, it’s like trying to rub your tummy and wank a rocket off at the same time. It can be done, but you gotta be quick. I’m  quicker on a(n) Xbox 360 pad, to be honest. As for it being odd, I’ve not yet experienced the mentalness that everyone else says comes with the game. It’s good, but it’s not right. I’m thinking I should stick it on easy and get the BOLOpatch working, but I’m also thinking that that would be cheating. And I only cheat when a game makes me do it. It hasn’t yet. Yet.
  • Grammar – is it a Xbox 360 pad or an Xbox 360 pad? I’d personally go with “an”, but that’s me. “X” isn’t a vowel, but it’s a vowel sound. I’m like that.
  • Mirror’s Edge – picked up for £4 in the sale (it’s on now!). This one asks for and deserves mouse and keyboard. First person “run though shit” ’em up. Annoying when you get stuck, exhilarating when you are not. Stuck. Which happens a lot. Not played much of it, but up to now the checkpoints range from “5 feet away” to “almost too far”. It’s almost like an oldschool platformer, but in first person; lots of leaps of faith (which is funny, cos that’s what the player character is called, teehee!), but death rarely brings you too far back. And cos the checkpoints are pretty well spaced overall, it is very more-ish. You can’t help but force yourself to learn the next route. And, fucking hell, it is gorgeous. Seriously good looking. The physicality brought to the first person view only adds to it. This game is a fucking steal at £4. Which is why I bought it. I’d like to point out, I’ve played it for less than an hour overall, and up to now I’ve realised that the checkpoints are actually fair, it’s just taken me a while to adjust my expectations to match the game. When that clicks, it’s awesome.
  • Bioshock 2. Bob was round a wee while back, and he foolishly bought it for me. I’ve played a bit of it, and although it’s really good, I’m not in a “Bioshock” mood. Bioshock is one of them games where you decide to devote a night to it. The other nights that also get devoted to it are a by-product. But, you have to be in the right frame of mind to dedicate that first night. I’ve not been in one of them moods. I’m currently flitting from one game to another (hence the purchases above), but when I decide to settle down for a week, Bioshock 2 is the first one I’m gonna finish.

And that’s what I’m doing. I’m also furthering my “comedy Death Knight kills” on the PvP server on World of Warcraft, but that’s another story for another time.

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