WoW + Pandi = comedy gold

“don’t start that healer shit you twat or I’ll kick ya now hurry up”

“oh dear you died lol”

repeat until fade

I sometimes forget why I started playing WoW. After all, it can be a bit shallow and repetitive. The main reason I like it is that guild chat is essentially a chat room. Now that I’m one of two, maybe three people left in the guild who still play, it’s a bit boring. But now that I’m teaming up with my bud to do instance runs, I remember why I stuck with it for so long. There’s nothing funnier than annoying a child, either by accident or on purpose. And when it comes to dealing with children, there’s no-one funnier than my mate Pandi. His replies are swift, and his banhammer comes down hard. He takes no shit, and is happy to dish it out at everyone. Why? Cos he’s helping me, and he’s the one keeping everyone alive, and if they don’t like it, he’ll let them die. While laughing.

Good lad 😀

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