I’ve got into two betas at the moment. The games in question rhyme with Greed for Tweed* and Pedal of Goner*.

I’ve put an hour into the Swede for Steed beta, and it’s kinda what you think it would be like. Big ass city you can tear around, queue for races with other players (or do single player, which is a nice touch), earn cash to customise your car with (mine’s got a fucking big “69” sticker on the front), earn rep to level up and unlock new races, and that’s it really. The controls are very slightly laggy; I was playing it with a 360 pad and there’s a small but noticeable lag between pulling the trigger and seeing the car move. Couple of races later and I didn’t notice it at all. It’s not game-breaking by any stretch, but it’s there. Let me put it like this – compared to the APB beta, the car controls lag in this game is non-existent. Hoping they add the drift courses from Bleed for Seed Blunderground to add variety, as although the races are fun, they can get repetitive. And the gimmicky “knock down the trackside scenery to slow down your opponents” thing is shit and doesn’t work.

Onto the other one, Pebble of Connor. I’ve only played this for ten minutes before work earlier this week, and it took me a while to get it installed and patched and working correctly on my telly. From what I saw, it’s a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 clone. In multiplayer, at least, cos that’s all in the beta. Takes you a while to kill anyone with the default guns, the other team can ping you from half a mile away, lots of spawn camping / mortaring / grenading, kills equals levels equals new boomsticks. Not sure if there’s anything here (yet) to differentiate or rival Call of Duty, to be honest. Then again, I’ve always loved the single player bits of these games. Never really played multiplayer.

So there you go. I’ll be playing both betas again soon, and me being me, I might just change my mind on both of them.

* Names changed in case I’m not allowed to talk about either of them, you know what publishers can be like.

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