day 11 – a song from your favorite band

Fuck it, I’ll do one of these music things again.

My favourite band could be dEUS, Radiohead, Oasis, Pendulum, or some others, depending on when you’d asked me. If it was when I was 10, the answer would have been INXS. If you’re asking me now, it’s Doves.

You know when a band releases a Best Of, you’re going to generally get the best of their body of work. No filler, all killer, and all that. Sometimes you’ll get a second disc with b-sides and rarities on there. Sometimes you’ll get a couple of new tunes recorded in a hurry just for the Best Of, which can be used to promote it.

The weirdest thing is that my favourite tune by Doves is one of the bonus songs on their Best Of. Weirder still, the tune isn’t actually on the Best Of CD, or the Best Of Special Edition CD, or in the Best Of CD / DVD box set. It’s only available from the iTunes version of the Special Edition, which I nearly didn’t buy. I could have missed it. Motherfucker!

The song is called Brazil. It’s like the last thirty seconds of There Goes The Fear, but with a bit more testosterone. It’s fucking ace. If they’d played it live when they were last over, I’d have had a grin permanently welded to my face for the rest of my life. But they didn’t, so the scowl is still there. I love my scowl.

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