How’s about a platform game (quick, while they’re still back in vogue) whereby you not only jump, but you can put platforms down? So you can put one in front of you, or one two “blocks” above you, and you use these to navigate the level. Each surface you can touch corresponds to a musical note, and even the things that kill you (like spike pits, falling from a great height, enemies) have a musical note to them. When you touch something, the corresponding note is played. When you get to the end of the level, the game works out a speed run of the level (which contains the platforms you’ve had to place to get through it) and the speed run plays the notes you’ve hit during your travels. Maybe stick in a Rez-like automatic beat-matching thing in there too (each note, no matter when you try and play it, fits to a back beat).

Damn I need coffee and nicotine.

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