Shit has happened

So! My main hard drive in my PC decided to start getting errors, which usually means it’s about to die. A quick purchase later (that’s me skint in time for Xmas), and I got a 2TB drive for data and a ickle 30GB SSD drive for the OS. I’ve fucked around enough to need another rebuild (DON’T copy the AppData folder from one Win 7 installation to another, it will fuck your PC in the ear while you sleep), but I’ve found how to move the big ass Win 7 folders to the 2TB drive so that the OS doesn’t fill the ickle 30GB SSD.

All this means that at the moment, I have a PC that will boot in about 15 seconds, but none of the applications I’ve installed work. Woohoo!

So tonight will be filled with the joys of reinstalling Windows 7, again, then performing DOS-related voodoo to move the Users, Program Files and Program Data folders to the other drive, and then reinstalling everything ever.

The joys of PC tinkering! There’s always something else to learn.

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