Spam Effect

From: Ashley Williams
Subject: Hiiiiiiiiiiii

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, it’s Ashley here, it was such a long time , how is it going with you there ? I heard that you got a new job, didn’t you? Is everything ok there ? Hey, can you believe it! I got married to Brian ! Yes I did. I tried to call but you did not answer. You have changed your number, haven’t you? Just give me your current telephone number if you read this mail. It’s really a pity that we did not see you in our wedding. I wanted to invite you so much. Well, here I’m sending you a few pics taken in our wedding :

Let’s keep in touch then.


Ashley & Brian


I got the email above in my spam folder. Don’t know why, but I read it. Had a nagging feeling that I’m missing something. And then, click! The lightbulb in my brain goes on. Ashley Williams was the space racist bitch in Mass Effect who I killed! Haha, evil bitch is getting revenge on my spam folder from beyond the fictional digital grave. Good work, annoying dodgy space racist.

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