Dead Space

Hmmmmm. Tricky one. A game that is meant to be scary as fuck, which actually isn’t scary in the slightest, and is nearer to Resident Evil than anyone would care to admit, and yet I’m really liking it. I’ve not got very far, but it’s been very enjoyable up to now. Speaking of Resi Evil, Dead Space manages to do something which few games attempt, let alone get right. It’s subtle. I’m not talking about the way the monsters all appear in an attempt to shock you, which never works cos you can tell they’re coming a mile away. Nope, I’m talking about the background details. The things you run past to get to the next checkpoint. Dead Space’s big ass spaceship is well worth having a proper gander at. There’s tons of incidental detail which adds heaps to the atmosphere of the game (no space / atmosphere pun here, go fuck yourself).

Like I said, I’ve not played it much, so I think this will be the tiniest spoiler ever, but I came across a lab which was filled with little crawly monsters. I killed them all, reloaded my gun, was about to run to the next room, when I noticed the walls. The walls in the room were loads of little water tanks. Inside each tank was a baby. I don’t think they were breathing.

Dead Space isn’t scary, but if you spend the time to look around, it will unsettle you like a motherfucker.


There’s a bit where you have to go outside the ship. In retrospect, it was an obvious place for a scare; at the time, it shit me right up.

On the PC, the controls are absolutely fucking terrible. Mouse aiming is leaden, no matter what sensitivity setting you put it on; practically unplayable. If you’re gonna play it on the PC, get a decent pad. I’ve got my 360 pad working with it, and it’s perfect.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention this before. Dead Space has the longest loading times I’ve seen in a long time. A good 30 seconds to load your game from the main menu, and the same time when you die or reload. A-fucking-nnoying.


    I saw this in the bargain bin for Xbox the other day and was half tempted. The ONLY thing I have reservations about is the lack of weaponry? How are you finding it?

  • For the guns, it’s basically Resident Evil. You get a pistol equivalent, a shotgun equivalent, a little sub machine gun thing, and I’ve not got a fourth gun yet. There’s shops to buy ammo (although you’ll find loads around the place anyway), and there’s upgrades that you can apply to whichever gun you like. All in all, I’d not really noticed the lack of guns, which is a good thing, I guess.

  • That’s good enough for me, will add it to the list. Cheers.

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