Bioshock 2

Some thoughts on Bioshock 2, cos I just finished it 5 minutes ago. Spoilers will be liberally thrown all over this post.

  • Whoever came up with the storyline is very clever, and possibly damaged in the head.
  • I like how they’ve got past the “how do we top ‘Would you kindly?’ in this one?” by not actually doing it. By casting you as the Big Daddy to Eleanor, your motivation is to get to your daughter and protect her. No need for a gimmick. Or, to put it another way, your character is the gimmick.
  • The story of Mark Metzler, the guy who manages to get into Rapture to rescue his kidnapped daughter, was very good indeed. I didn’t see that ending coming. It’s rare for a game to play with you, to make you think twice about pulling the virtual trigger (I’ll come back to this point in a minute).
  • The bit where you take over a Little Sister was very impressive. Explains how these mental little kids can merrily skip their way from one Adam-stuffed corpse to the next and not bat an eyelid at the splicers waiting to get them.
  • It wasn’t as good as the first game, but it was fucking close, and a lot closer than I was hoping for.
  • Super spoilers! OK, so you can kill the three people or leave them alone. Grace Holloway, that was obvious, cos she was in the room with you. Same for Sinclair, but I chose not to (although I found him dead in a room with my hacked turret, so I was wondering if my turret attacked him, so I may have been indirectly responsible for his death). For Gil Alexander though, I couldn’t work out how to kill the fucker. Not that I wanted to, but I was curious to see how you were meant to do it.
  • (I’m guessing you get the “Bad” ending by killing them all, and I’ll need to know in case I decide to play through it again)
  • Nothing breaks my heart more than a game with multiplayer and no-one playing it. Actually, lots of things break my heart more than that. Forget I typed it.
  • I liked it how there wasn’t a big dumb boss at the end, like, you know, an American guy with an Irish accent what is blue and ten feet tall and can shoot fire out of his face.
  • Project WYK! Would You Kindly! I’ve only just got that. FFS.

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