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After an extended absence, I’ve played Minecraft again. Started a multiplayer server, was on it for a few hours last night with Tensing. Was weird to realise I wasn’t shooting virtual people in the virtual face, cos I’ve been playing Black Ops constantly. Things to note about my slight return:

  • Zombies. They still be cunts. All moaning and hitting you. Bastards.
  • Creepers. They still be cunts also. Tend to appear when you least expect them. Although it might just be me, but I think they’re easier to get away from now. They give up chasing after a while, which is nice.
  • Navigation skills = still there. After an unfortunate lava-related death, I found my way from the spawn point to the mountaintop fortress easily enough.
  • Strip mining = win. It’s no more or less dangerous than just digging randomly, and it generally rewards you with tons of diamond and iron and redstone and goodies. The hard part is digging your way down to the bottom of the map without dying. From there, it’s generally easy.
  • Butch / bitch question answered. Considering there was only me and Tensing on the server, and we decided to make a home in a mountain (which I’d have made a sign for saying “Brokeback House” if I’d have thought of it last night), and considering Tensing immediately started making the place look nice with doors and windows and a conservatory while I made a fucking big mining tunnel to begin strip mining, I think it’s clear that if we were bumming each other, then I’d be the butch and he’d be the bitch.

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