This is an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the next post I’m going to type up. Remember, this is EXCLUSIVE; you won’t see this ANYWHERE ELSE on the internet, cos it is MINE. Ready? Here goes!

The Darkness is a game for the Xbox 360 that assumes you like listening to things, rather than seeing things or, more importantly, playing things.

Surprise! Who knew that I’d be typing words into the internet about a game that is almost five years old? Well, I did. Don’t think that counts though.

I’ll be typing up a full post when I’ve finished the game, cos it’s one of them rare games that I actually want to play through to completion. And I may also dabble in the multiplayer side too, if there’s anyone else still playing it online, and if the servers are still switched on.

(I guess I should have put a spoiler alert in there, cos although the first sentence is negative, you can guess I’m going to be positive about the game because I’ve already told you I’m going to finish it, and I wouldn’t want to finish a game that I don’t like. This is called foreshadowing, which I might just use in the proper post too cos it is a neat trick and apt considering the subject matter. I’m really not clever)

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