I’d intended to finish The Darkness last night, but Call of Shooty Duty appeared and made me giggle for a few hours. So here’s another preview of the EPIC MEGA POST that’s coming soon about The Darkness!

Much like Jackie and his Darkness, I have a love / hate relationship with the game. Jackie loves the fact he can kill the fuck out of things with his big black tentacles of doom; I love the fact the games lets me make him do it. Jackie hates how the Darkness can be a bit of a cunt at times; I hate how The Darkness throws small, annoying bits of cunt at you all the fucking time.

I love it when games are stupid and make me angry, cos I feel like I can swear a lot more and be sort of justified. When a game is perfect (like, I dunno, Portal), I can’t really swear that much cos I’m too busy heaping praise on the bastard. When a game gets as much right as it does wrong, that’s when the swear words come snarling out of my fingers and into the internet. Like the Darkness tentacles, I guess. Damn, I’m getting worse at this simile / metaphor business. Sorry.

(also, tonight will not be spent on The Darkness. Tonight will be spent playing Magicka (thanks Tensing! Hugs xxx), and wondering what all the buttons do, and wondering which idiot fuck blew me up, and realising it was most likely me doing it all wrong, and laughing until my tits shoot rainbow milk across the planet. GOOD TIMES AHEAD)

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