Ignore the fact that the game has a cracking sense of humour. Ignore the fact it looks gorgeous. Ignore the superb spell-casting gimmick, the gleefully chaotic co-operative gameplay, the ability to create your own problems and / or solutions. Ignore all of this.

Instead, think about the fact that yet another independent studio has released yet another game halfway through development. The game is clearly not finished. It’s got more bugs than China. Half the stuff I described in the first paragraph I’ve only experienced for a few minutes at a time, because most of the time the game decides it just doesn’t want to work any more.

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Games have promised a patch every 24 hours until the game is as bug-free as possible. Not good enough. Someone needs to fine the fuckers for fraud, big time. I didn’t buy Elemental, so I don’t know if the bugs here are any worse or better than when that first launched, but it only takes one shitty, half-finished, not-working game to put a customer off. Do the gaming industry a favour, and fine them into oblivion. Make an example of them.

Yes, I know both Stardock and Paradox are indies, and I don’t care. AAA games get released with bugs, but at least they fucking work. At least they load. If they’re not competent enough to make a working game in the first place, then they shouldn’t be allowed to charge for the games. Same for AAA studios. Fuck ’em. Thieving cunts.

(as you can tell, Magicka is annoying the cut out of me. It’s a cracking little game when it works. When it’s stable enough to play without it handing out random achievements, or deleting my save games, or freezing when trying to connect to a co-op game, or freezing when someone connects to my co-op game, or crashing to desktop because I looked at it funny, then I’ll do a decent write-up of it)

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