Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please


Something I’ve always wanted to do was to make a game. Just a little one. One that I could be fairly proud of, one I could point to and happily state “I made that”.

One genre of games I’ve rarely got along with is the point and click adventure genre. Of all the games I’ve played of this type, I only ever really liked Indy Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and the Chzo games that Yahtzee did (you know, him off Zero Punctuation). Yahtzee made his games using Adventure Games Studio, and they gave me the idea to make one in that too.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been slowly (sloooowly) making progress on a tiny little shooter in Game Maker. I picked Game Maker cos it is ridiculously easy to make shooty stuff in, and I thought this would give me an idea of what would be involved in making a game in anything else. I planned on finishing this to a half-decently playable state, and then to make a little AGS game, maybe one of them “escape from one room” games with loads of puzzles in there, and then take it further with an almost full blown game.

Why would I make a game in a new application, in a genre I tend to not like? Because I thought I’d make one that is different to the others. Mine would be funny (to my sense of humour anyway, which would mean lots of sick idiot daftness). It would be for adult audiences only. It wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes. And, with a bit of luck, it would be talked about, and hopefully popular.

I don’t need to make this game now. Zombie Cow Studios have beaten me to it. Twice.

Ben There, Dan That is free. It is short, and sweet, and rather funny in places. You should download this and play it now. And finish it. It won’t take you long. Once you’re done, you should buy the sequel Time Gentlemen, Please from Steam (which throws Ben There, Dan That in as a free Steam download, too) for £3. £3 for the finest, funniest adventure game ever made (and most of that is just the sequel). Absolute bargain.

And that’s it. That’s your lot. A short, sweet post about two fine games. One of them is free. Do it. You are welcome.

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