Read this.

That’s Richard Clark at Gamasutra, arguing about how the game industry hasn’t matured yet and won’t while games like Bulletstorm are being made.

Why the fuck does the game industry need to mature? It’s a business. If the immature games are still selling, then for fuck’s sakes keep making them. Leave the mature, artsy, “look at this we are clever and you can feel smug and hipstery now” games to the indies, who will currently make much better “mature” games than the big games companies. Fuck, you only need to look at Dante’s Inferno to realise EA should stick to whatever it is they make nowadays. You only need to look at Limbo or Braid to realise they would never get made anywhere else by anyone else. They certainly wouldn’t sell if they were full 3D and in DVD cases in HMV.

And if I’ve missed Mr Clark’s point; if he’s on  about hiring mature people rather than immature people, then he’s also missed a point. Games are (generally) made by gamers for gamers. Sure, games creators will get older and their tastes will change, and they’ll wonder why they’re still churning out “Shoot virtual brown people in their fucking face of Duty” games. If they don’t like it? Go indie! Make what the fuck you like!

What will Bulletstorm do for gaming going forwards? Dunno. Possibly, it’ll lead to a broader spectrum of violent games (although if Manhunt didn’t lead to a rash of psycho stalking murder sims, then I doubt Bulletstorm will do the same for hyper-violent FPS games). Probably, it’ll do absolutely fuck all, and nothing will be influenced by it. But then again, maybe some games developers will be so horrified by the immaturity of the industry that they will leave (and be happy), or become indies to make games about flower picking (and be happy).

Surely they are both good things? Celebrate Bulletstorm (a game I haven’t played, FYI). It could bring good things. I doubt it, but it just might.

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