Mass Effect sounds better (possibly)

I don’t understand.

The first Mass Effect game had an awesome soundtrack. Ambient, but aslo sci-fi-ish. Always in the background, but always tickling your aural pathways when it had to. And *** spoiler alert *** the ending song choice was fucking inspired.

The second Mass Effect game had a soundtrack provided by some orchestra, and it sucked balls. The only reason I remember the soundtrack to this was that is was fuck all like the soundtrack to the first game, which was different and awesome. Mass Effect 2 had a soundtrack like Ford’s cars have dashboards; they do the job they’re meant to do, but you won’t remember a thing about them afterwards.

And so we come to the pre-release-hype for Mass Effect 3. The composer, the poor bastard composer for the first two games (who clearly had free reign for the first game, and fuck-all say for the second) has been ditched (and for the Faunts track, I’ll assume it was his call, god bless Jack Wall); he has been replaced by Clint Mansell. Yes, he was once in Pop Will Eat Itself, but fuck that. The man scored Requiem for a Dream (two girls, one dildo, no hard-on, I guarantee it) and The Fountain (fuck you, best film ever, Kronos Quartet and Mogwai), and Moon (very nice film indeed).

We’ve had the “ooh London is all fucked up, fucking aliens!” trailer, and now we’re told Clint Mansell is doing the soundtrack for it. After the disappointment of Mass Effect 2, the series might just end on a note that tugs on the strings that were strung in the first game after all. Mass Effect, the first game, was chuffing sweet (apart from most of the gameplay, but in a rare occasion, fuck gameplay). If anyone is gonna make me give a shit about the third game, Clint Mansell will definitely help.

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