Deadly Premonition, again

I’ve restarted this game three times now. The furthest I’ve got is about a quarter of the way in. I think I’ve figured out enough (and read enough walkthroughs) to know what the score is. I should be able to do it all on this playthrough.

Most games these days are concerned with something called accessibility. Accessibility is a word used to describe whether a player knows what the fuck they’re expected to do, and how to do it. You know some games will explain everything every step of the way? Press B to punch the dude in the face, press A to take cover there, now hold the left trigger and click the stick in to snipe and hold your breath etc. Deadly Premonition, much like it’s protagonist, is schizophrenic when it comes to accessibility.

For the main story, it holds your hand. It’ll tell you most of the controls. It’ll give you fucking big map markers to the next story event. What’s that? You want story? Follow me, sunshine.

The game is deceptive. Aside from the main story, there is tons of content. Some of it is fairly worthless (although the sound effects and music for the fishing game are hilarious, every single time). Some of it is just blatant filler. And some of it gives you tons of info on the characters, and a bit of the plot too. Some will even give you items that are almost cheats and well worth hunting down. This alternative side of the schizophrenic game, this side doesn’t give a fuck about you. It kicks you in the face and tells you to fuck off and sort yourself out. This side is sadistic.

There’s race markers on the map. I mentioned in my last post that the cars can’t reliably turn left without spinning through 180 degrees, so I’d been avoiding these races. Next to one of the race markers is a trading card (worth $200 in in-game currency; a turkey sandwich costs about $120 in the game, so you can see why you need the cards). I spent 20 mins running round trying to find a way to the card, without success.

On this playthrough, on a whim, I decided to drive over the race marker and see what happened. Sure enough, I had to drive between strings of markers on the roads for five minutes. A pain in the arse when you can’t really turn left very well, but I managed to complete it. My reward, for a race, was that a section of the fence surrounding the trading card I was after disappeared. Clearly, this makes no sense, but it gets better. Next to where the card lay was a door. The door was locked. The door’s only function was to lock me out of the fenced off area that had the card. Now that I’d completed the race and got the reward of arbitrary fence removal, I could get the card, and then shoot the lock off the other side of the door. The game would now and forever let me use that door to get to a place I’d only ever have to get to once, to pick up a card I’d just picked up.

I think the game has now reached a plateau of batshit-insane mentality. I’m just about immune to how fucked up it is. There’s absolutely tons of the game left to go, so I’m hoping I’m wrong.

Did I tell you the game is fucking awesome? It absolutely really truly is.

So says Mr Stewart!

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