Windows is awesome. I mean, really. Could you imagine having to install today’s stuffed-DVD games in DOS? Would Valve have to make an OS2 Warp-compatible version of Steam? Windows lets you do all sorts of fancy PC shit all the time, and it’s ace.

When it works.

I’m one of them idiots that defends PC games. Sure, there’s a billion different combinations of PC configurations and components and software, and you can’t really blame games makers for not catering to each and every one of them all the time. If I get a game and it doesn’t work straight away, I’m the nob that thinks “ooh, a challenge!” and starts mucking about with everything to try and get it working. Eventually I’ll get stuck and consult Google though. Pretty much every time.

What really fucking annoys me is when a game doesn’t work, and then I realise that a load of my old games aren’t working either, and there’s nothing obvious that is stopping them from working, and the only advice the internet can give me is “make a new admin user and use that account instead”. What this advice neglects to mention is that, if you want to be able to access all your saved games for every game you’ve ever installed, you need to copy most of your user directory to the new admin account. None of which actually solves the problem, but at least I can play my older games now.

How the fuck do I go about finding out which process is preventing games from loading? Or whether it’s cos I updated my graphics card driver three months ago? To be fair, Windows has the “Action Center” function going in Windows 7, but it’s pretty fucking useless. “This game doesn’t work”. No shit, Windows! “Try all seventeen of these things”. OK, none of them worked. “Well, you are shit out of luck, my son”. Cheers, Microsoft.

Damnit. I know everything on a PC can’t work with everything else. It just pisses me off that people seem happy enough with a clumsy pain in the arse workaround, and there’s no proper solution to my specific problem. Grrrr. Still, at least it’s not on a Mac, that would suck.

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