The Old Man Post

Things that are pissing me off right now:

  • Games that make you grind to get any decent gear. Like, for example, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which took me three nights to get to level 1 in multiplayer. Three fucking nights! To get to level one! And for my troubles, I got a machine gun that was shittier than the one you get at level zero!
  • Homefront. To be fair, it had some awesome moments. To be fairer, I completed it in 5 hours of overall game time. The opposite of Bad Company 2; the good bits it did have were over in 30 seconds each time, the rest was OK. It’s rare for me to think a game is too short, but this one really was. The multiplayer is pretty cool though, so that’s a massive plus for it. I’ll be playing it again.
  • Free to play MMORPGs. I’ve worked out why they are free. They’re generally shite. Global Agenda isn’t too bad, but it can be a bit empty. Long distances between quest objectives (and yes, you can get bored of using a jetpack), no incentive to group up to complete objectives (although it is good if you just want to solo). The others I’ve tried were terrible WoW rip offs aimed at retards and under tens.
  • Mods. Or, more specifically, mods for older games to get them to work on recent operating systems. Or mods to get older games to look halfway decent these days. I can play older games on my PC without making them look all sparkly. Hell, I can even play them when they don’t support widescreen so they end up all stretched to fuck on my telly. What pisses me off is when there are mods available to sort these things, but they are so fucking convoluted to get them to work. Took me an hour getting the shiny Morrowind mods to work, and I still haven’t managed to get the widescreen mod for Knights of the Old Republic to run, either. Make them easy to use, or don’t fucking bother.
That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

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