Changed it

Got bored with the zombie look for this here site (a bit too emo for me, I guess). So I changed it. To this one.

Fuck knows if anyone else but me even knows this site is here, but I’ve always been writing this for me anyways, so fuck it. I’ll make it look awesome anyways. I’m like that.

Hopefully, this will mean I’ll post a bit more often. I doubt it, but I live in hope. And I know I’ll be posting as soon as I’ve managed to sink my metaphorical teeth into Deus Ex Human Revolution. Come on pay day, seeing my Steam friends list filled with people playing it is pissing me right off! Soon. Soon it will be mine. Muahahahhaha etc.

(in case anyone else is actually reading this and is wondering why there’s a picture of Cyril Sneer on the front page, this is because Cyril Sneer is awesome, and he’s been the favicon for this site since about 2004, and he’s been my spraypaint image since I first played a Valve game online, so there you go)

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