Jew Sex: Human Revolution (again)

Something I love about DXHR is how some of the augments sound a bit shit, and you avoid them, and yet the creators have made at least one encounter in the game where a specific augment will make something fucking cool happen. For example, early in the game I got the “dual takedown” augment. Instead of only being able to pimp-slap one unsuspecting goon, with this augment I could hit two of them, if they’re standing next to each other.

I’m walking down some stairs when I hear voices. Hit the crouch button so the guards can’t hear footsteps. I approach the corner, and there’s two guards facing away from me. I listen in. “If I see that Jensen, I’m gonna beat the shit out of him”. “Yeah, the jumped-up little bastard”. By this time, I’d sneaked behind and between the guards. One tap of the “MAGIC PIMP SLAP” button, and BOOM! The next time they insult Adam Jensen will be in an email, cos they won’t be speaking for a while, cos I BROKE THEIR FUCKING JAWS AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME, MOTHERFUCKER!

And that’s just one augment! I’ve put bajillions of Praxis points into hacking. Hacking? Surely not the slightly awkward, barely explained, often cruelly unfair minigame that you hated for the first ten hours of the game? Why yes, that would be the one. One of the best things you can do is whack a bajillion points into Hacking: Stealth. This means that hacks up to and including level 4 are a piece of piss. Make sure you get the little square bonus modes with each hack too, and you’ll have tons of Nukes and Stop Worms to make the level 5 hacks even easier. Tons of XP for hacking well, too, so you get tons more Praxis points than you’d normally get, which mean you can augment everything ever. Soon, hacking becomes so easy that you actively scour each area for another terminal to hack. First for the XP, and then for the story stuff. The details about the world. The details about each location. The details about the other players in the story.

But the main augment for me, the one that I’ve not stopped using since I maxed it out, the one that really enables the sneaky style of play, is the invisibility augment. Now, if you don’t max this out, this augment is shitty. 3 seconds of invisibility? Like tits on a bull. Like a broken pencil. Pointless (if you conveniently forget the fact that 3 seconds of invisibility is enough time to use it to get past the laser detectors). 7 seconds of invisibility? Now you’re talking. Easily enough to sprint across a guarded room. And when you have a second energy slot filled (courtesy of the cyberboost bars, which as we all know, are slightly rippled with a flat underside), you get 15 seconds of invisibility. This 15 seconds is juuuust enough to get through some of the bastard hard sections you’ll come across. But the beauty of it is, you can use this all the time. Sneak everywhere. Stun guards. When their mates turn up, go invisible and stun them too. Rinse and repeat.

Some augments are more useful than others. A few are useful through the entire game. However, it’s good to know that the designers have made even the least useful augs really fucking useful in at least one point in the game.

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