Guess Who

Right, let’s play a game.

I’ll show you a series of images, and you have to guess what game they’re from.


Give up? Did you go with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, by any chance? Are you thinking they’ve already revealed screenshots of a sequel, a sequel that looks remarkably like its predecessor?


These are pictures of the upcoming reboot of the Syndicate franchise. Remember Syndicate? The isometric game with cyborgs and persuadertrons and gauss guns and drive-bys from cars that looked like polished turds? Well it’s currently being turned into Deus Ex: Humongous Ripoff.

Either Starbreeze employs a lead artist that started with the little piccy off the cover of the original Syndicate and ran with it (all the way into the front door of Eidos Montreal, into the lift, up a floor, out the lift, past some cubicles, and straight into the desk of their lead artist), or someone is a lying thieving bastard.

To quote Don Logan; “I hope this crashes!”

EDITed to add that The Escapist is quoting one of the FILTHY TEA LEAVES from Starbreeze as confirming that the persuadertron is in the game, so it might stand a chance of providing some entertainment. Bunch of sticky-fingered gypsies, though.

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