Back from hols

A quick note about Skyrim.

Hello again!

I’m back from my hols. Still haven’t done anything on my “to do” list for when I got back. I got Skyrim.

Something it does that I don’t think anyone has picked up on yet – there’s only one company logo at the start of the game, and the longest loading time I’ve had in the game (and that’s with a fuckton of high-res texture mods and stuff) is five seconds. Bethesda have crafted an engine made of magic and WD40. Every other game company, please take note – if your game takes longer for me to get into than Skyrim, I will not like it.

Oh! And if you also utterly detest the stupid inventory screens, install the QD Inventory mod. It doesn’t do much, but it does enough. Recommended.

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