Close! Half a cigar?

Mystic Meg can fuck right off!

Just had a quick flick through my jokey predictions from last year for 2011, and fuck me, if I wasn’t far off at all!

What I definitely got right – Portal 2 was indeed the best first person puzzle game of 2011. I only had a brief go of Bulletstorm one night when I was round Pikeys and a bit pissed but the kick was definitely better than in Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem Forever was indeed the best re-appearance of Duke Nukem from last year. F.3.A.R. really was a stupid name for a game. SWAT 5 wasn’t a real sequel at all last year (and still isn’t). Finally, Blizzard announced the Mists of Pandaria expansion pack for WoW (although Pandapocalypse is a much better name for it).

What I kinda got wrong – The third person Sledgehammer CoD game got cancelled, but they did go on to help develop Modern Warfare 3, which was indeed the best Call of Duty game from 2011, so I guess I got this mostly right? Too close to call, I guess. Oh, and I bought Brink in the Steam sale, but I’ve not played it yet, so I’ve no idea if it’s anything like Mirrors Edge or not.

What I got horribly, horribly wrong – Bethesda actually got rid of the symmetrical faces for Skyrim! Although they are a bit blocky (but the faces are much improved with a mod or two). Mass Effect 3 is out next year, and I’ve no idea if it’s got a mining sub-game thing or not. Half Life 2 Episode 12 hasn’t been made yet. Bastards.

Shit, now I’ll have to be really clever with my predictions for 2012. I predict that John Cusack will outrun the eruptions of lava from a volcano or something using a limousine. Does that count?

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