Weird games that I should play once a year until I am dead

Cos I just don’t make enough lists.

1) Deadly Premonition. I haven’t played this game in aaaages (in fact, Tensing has still got my copy, the bastard). I saw a mention of it on the internet last night, which had a link to the Wikipedia entry for it, which linked to a massive, 10 page dissection of the game and why it is awesome, and I read every last word of it, and that is why I went to bed late last night. That, and I’m still learning the whistling song from it on the guitar. 99% of games leave my memory a week after I’ve stopped playing them. Deadly Premonition just won’t leave. I love it.

2) Space Funeral. This is one of them things in life that make you a bit worried for the future of the human race. It makes me think we’re probably fucked if even just one combination of genes can make a human being capable of making this. I really genuinely mean that as a compliment. Free to download here. Or just watch someone else play through most of it here.

3) Norrland. This is another of them things. Free to download here.

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