The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (again)

Another arrow to the knee.

Since my first brain-squit about Skyrim, I’ve kept on playing it. In fact, I’ve not played anything else for longer than 15 minutes since I got Skyrim. In fact, it’s starting to feel like another career, but that’s cos I’m obsessed with it, but I digress. The point is, I’ve now played it for over 100 hours. I’ve still not gone near the Mage guild quests, or had anything else to do with Max Von Sydow, and my initial enthusiasm for getting Ulfric Stormcloak to take over the world waned pretty rapidly when he made a mess of Whiterun and didn’t bother tidying up after himself. So I’ve done a fucking billion other quests instead.

Cos I joined the Stormcloaks, I’m sticking with the Stormcloak armour – Stormcloak Cuirass, Fur Gloves and Boots and a Hide Helmet. They’ve all been upgraded on a workbench and enchanted on an enchanter thing, but they’re still a bit shitty compared to glass armour and all that, but if I’m gonna join a rebellion, I reckon I’d better look the part, so I am. It’s nowhere near the best light armour but it’s better than nothing.

Although I could probably play with nothing, cos I’m at a point where I can pretty much take anything on for fun. I’ve made a Nightshade bow which is fucking ruthless, and enchanted it so each arrow sets shit on fire. This kicks fucking ass. I killed a badass dragon the other day with ten shitty iron arrows. I’ve still not worked out where to go to get Fire Breath upgraded (I’m pretending my character has the same oral hygiene as me), but it’s still effective. And if all else fails, my elven shield and sword of mental fire are a solid foundation of death-dealing to fall back on.

Oh, and my sneak skill is through the fucking roof. Perking sneak and archery up to fuck have made me fairly undetectable; I’m starting to run round ruins looting and accidentally, literally, bumping into bandits, which, due to the sneaking thing making you crouch, means the first time they’re aware of my presence is when I accidentally head-butt them in the groin.

What all this adds up to is that I can be killed by three archers, or one persistent dragon, but only if they see me. Or only if I haven’t shot them first. Skyrim has gone from making me recoil in horror when a dragon decides to land on my face to running straight for the fuckers and giggling when I perforate them with arrows. The dragons have stopped being frustrating, and started being something fun to tackle. They can still kill me quickly and easily, but taking them down isn’t a 20 minute slog any more, it’s a 3 minute shooting gallery.

The criticism I had about the dragons stopping me from exploring has gone away. I’ve started to wean myself off the fast travel option; purposely picking quests that start somewhere new so I have to run / ride over to them, going through places I’ve not discovered yet, exploring them on the way, and finally having proper adventures like what Morrowind let me do.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s still things that piss me off (horses should just fuck off when a fight breaks out, and come back to you when you’re done, and not try to kick a fire-breathing dragon the size of a house to death, for example), but the game is still an absolute fucking belter.

Still only got one house though. And one pissed-off Lydia, who is forbidden to leave my house for being utterly determined to die a stupid death.

Oh, and something else I’m liking a lot; linked quests. I got one quest that needs me to lure a priest into a cave to be judged by a vengeful god. In order to lure the priest, I need to get on their good side, so they’ve given me a separate quest to get an innocent (or someone who likes me enough to follow me) to accompany me to a shrine to another vengeful god. So I need to sacrifice someone to get a priest to follow me for them to be sacrificed in turn. I am a multi-faith holy assassin. This is awesome.

Holy shit, I could get Lydia to be my first victim! Hmmm, but then my little home in Whiterun would be awfully lonely. Hmmmm.


    Hiya Bozz, I fucking love this game too. Just maxed out my Smithing, Alchemy and Enchanting to 100. By the way this takes a fucking long time!! Now I am able to enchant armour for smithing. Which means some fucking epic gear, mix your smithing gear with a powerful smithing potion and you get insane numbers on armour and weapons. I am a sneaky sword and dagger wielding bad ass who can also whip out a bow if needed. I have done most of the thieves guild stuff, although I havent finished the last quest due to the fact I want to keep the skeleton key. Dark Brotherhood stuff next for me I think. Then I may tinker with the mage guild quest line. Due to me maxing out my crafting skills i’m currenlty level 44.

  • Video to explain how to max improve your gear and weapons. –

  • Shill! Cheers for the tips fella, I’ve hit 100% in archery and sneaking, so I’ll go for smithing and enchanting next 🙂 I’m still utterly hooked on this fucking game. In a good way.

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