Star Wars: The Old Republic part 2

Levels 20 – 25

The map in this game sucks. It’ll show your immediate environment, but it won’t pull out to show an overall map of the planet you’re on.

The quest tracking is broken. Even when I track only one quest, the shuttle routes still get confused as to which way I should be going.

These points aren’t enough to sour the whole experience, but they’re enough to make me “grrrr” a lot.

However, I have just hit level 25, so I can use a mount. Two actually. I got two mounts. One looks like the front of a sit-down lawnmower, the other looks like a massive Flymo. They both look like lawnmowers. They’re awesome.

(I’ve also made an alt, a Sith Warrior, who is the tiniest dude in the galaxy, but he’s got a cyborg eye and a mullet, and he’s happy to rip the tits off anyone in his way. Good times!)

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    You can zoom the map out btw – just click on the little map in the bottom corner of the map screen. You’re welcome 🙂

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