Fatigue (and Torchlight)

Light at the end of the tunnel

Bloody hell. I keep going off games, as in, not wanting to play any. My expedition through SWTOR came to a halt three months ago. I pottered around with a few games, but nothing stuck. Every game I looked at seemed to demand more time than I was prepared to give it.

Eric recommended Torchlight to me. I’d played the demo ages ago, and felt like it was Whack-a-mole, Fantasy Edition. Nothing to it but clicking things until they died. At the time, I couldn’t see the point of it.

Now, with my attention for big, proper PC games having been hugely eroded, Torchlight fits like a glove. I know I can play it for 5 mins at a time, and I’ll get a bit further, or I’ll get some talent points to play with, or some nice loot, and then I can log out having felt like I’ve made progress. And I also know that 5 mins is never enough; I’m always quitting the game an hour later. I think the genius of Torchlight (and, I assume, the other action RPGs / Diablo clones) is that they all go a long way using very little. Torchlight is almost Diet MMORPG without the MMO bit. It’s all talent points and number-crunching and talent specs and gems and enchanting and you know what I mean by now. Where Torchlight succeeds is in being very quick, very simple, and very more-ish.

So I coasted along with Torchlight for a while, until something else took my fancy, and now I’m kinda wishing it hadn’t…..


    Very odd this as I too have just revisited Torchlight after playing 5 mins of it last year sometime. Finding it a fun romp.

  • Yeah, it’s a bit of a belter when you get into it. I’m currently stockpiling gems and upgrading the fuck out of them. It’s an obsession I should really give up at some point 🙂

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