Yes, there is a “u” in Dishonoured

I’ve started playing Dishonoured. I’ve had the game for aaaages, but never really got round to playing it properly (I think I did the first tutorial mission). Usually when I start a game, I hate leaving it for months and then going back to it, cos you have to relearn the controls, and you never quite get back up to speed with the plot and stuff. The controls for Dishonoured are “left click to stab someone, right click to do anything else ever”, so they are not a problem. As for the plot, the game has a fucking ton of books lying around which you can read; some of these fill you in on what’s gone down, so the plot is never very far away. So yay for Dishonoured!

So what else is good about it? Well, it’s got this special power thing called Blink. Basically, you put your crosshair on something, click the right mouse button, and WOOSH you’re now where your crosshair was pointing. This means that nipping around the level is easy, and you start looking for paths off the ground to take you where you want to go, cos they’re easier and more fun. The only trouble with Blink is that after a while, you realise that its power is curbed fairly harshly. It blocks you from going to certain places in each map, and sometimes it just doesn’t work the way you expect it to. This is a slight pain in the ass until you need to get somewhere in a hurry, and WOOSH you’re gone. Blink is awesome.

I do wish that someone would take that control method and make a whole game about it. It’s just too much fun! Think about all those games where the designers have designed some torturous route to a secret area somewhere. Imagine if you could just click a button and WOOSH you’re there. Sooooo awesome.

Other things that are awesome about it: the art style is all painterly, mixed in with Half Life 2. An odd combination, but it really works. This game is gorgeous. There’s a hub place in between missions, but it has new stuff pretty much every time you go back to it, so that if you can be bothered exploring the same “level” ten times, you’ll get ten new things out of it. Clever.

This is like a My First Thief Game. It’s an excellent starting point for anyone who, like me, has spent less than ten minutes playing a Thief game, got bored, and played something else instead. It’s got the stealth and tension of Thief, mixed in with moves that make it all far more dynamic and thrilling than it has any right to be.

Oh, and it also lets you stop time. So you can run into a fuckton of guards, wait until they’re about to open fire, stop time, and run away. Time starts again, you go back to the room, and all the guards have shot each other. Fun!

And now I’ve got to go back to writing about Bioshock Infinite. And I’ll probably rewrite it again. For the fourth time. Damnit.

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