Fuck consoles.

Not literally! That would hurt.

So, from what I can gather – neither the PlayStation Four or the Xbox One (incidentally, can consoles stop getting names like they’re groups of prisoners believed to be wrongly convicted? Be original, you cunts) will let you carry over games purchased on the previous consoles via their respective online stores. You can still download any movies or music you bought through your Xbox 360, but you can’t download any 360 games to Xbox One. As far as I know, the same situation applies to the PlayStation 4.

Which is kinda funny, cos that’s why I wanted an Xbox 360. Hard drive, downloadable games, fuck yeah! I hate going to the shops to buy games! All them little security tags and labels on them. The muppets behind the counter who try to sell you finger insurance on the off chance that the disc cuts you when you lift it out of the case. The annoying chavspawn that screams when they want a full price game but their bitter, swollen parent(s) will only get a preowned one for them. Fuck that! I like my couch. That’s why I have one. I don’t want to get off the fucker. I want to sit on it and buy shit via my TV and the fucking internet. Same with the PS3 I eventually bought (in fact, I started playing the new version of Deadly Premonition on it tonight, it’s still awesomely bad; I digress…).

However. According to the ultra-bastards in both Sony and Microsoft, all the games that I’ve bought in both Xbox Live and PSN, all of them, are stuck on the current consoles. No ports for you fuckers! Hell no, you can stay on the seven year old consoles. Where all the existing customers are…… hold on a minute!

What Sony and Microsoft are telling their customers is this: “With our new consoles, there’s more choice than ever! More games, more films, more TV! But in five years time when we decide to make new consoles, well – you can kiss all that shit goodbye! Suckers! Go fuck yourselves!” etc.

So, fuck that. I might buy one in a few years time when they get cheap. I might skip ’em and go straight to PS5 / Xbox We-don’t-have-a-numbering-scheme-that-makes-sense. All I know is, for this generation, I’ll stick with my PC. To be more accurate, my PC and my USB Xbox controller. You know, like on a console? Except when I upgrade my PC, I don’t lose all my games. Grrrrr.

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