Saints Row 4 (again)

Again again!

So yeah. September 2013, I said Saints Row 4 was my Game of the Year. It’s now January 2014, I’m slightly drunk, baby has been out and about for 3 months now, I’m having a well-earned night off from long work hours and even longer screaming baby hours, and I thought I’d have a look at this here blog thing, and there really is only one game I can talk about. To be fair, I’ve played quite a few since GTA V. However, they’ve been shit. No, wait, that’s not fair. They’ve not been shit, they just haven’t managed to fit nicely with the needs and whims of a small swollen baby child that likes to demand attention as often as most adults like to breathe. If I can’t spare the time to progress in them because of my baby, they are shit by default.

So yeah. Saints Row 4. Last year’s news. This year, the saviour. I started a new game, and realised I’d bought the season pass, so I could play the DLC. It’s excellent (and before I forget, this time I decided to play as a woman character, and it’s been hilarious; just as much fun as playing as a dude first time around, the script is slightly different in places, and it’s always just as good). There’s Xmas DLC, which involves Santa being The Terminator and the Boss needing a lesson in why Xmas is good. There’s the other DLC which was so good I’ve forgotten what it was, but I liked it at the time (I did say I’m slightly drunk, didn’t I?). And finally, I’d argue that Saints Row 4 is even more affecting when you know what is coming, so the fans of ART will love this shit.

Having said that, the main reasons I went back to it and have now played it for over 120 hours are the following: 1) it’s just so much fun to play and control and it just feels right in the hands, if you get what I mean; and 2) it’s fucking hilarious and entertaining and affecting and it shits genius in places and YOU MUST PLAY THIS AT LEAST ONCE.

Steam had a freebie weekend for it a week or two ago, where you could download it and play it for free. I totally recommend getting it if another free weekend comes along. It’s really, really fucking good.

That is all. Bye for now!

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