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Close! Half a cigar?

Mystic Meg can fuck right off!

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The Ultimate List of 2011 (maybe)

Cos, let’s face it, it’ll be the same as last year but with better graphics. Best First Person Puzzle Game: Portal 2 by Valve. It will be amazing, but will be slightly let down by Stephen Merchant’s voice not suiting the game. Random thought while playing – “oh just fuck off, you Barclays-shilling bellend”. Best […]

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The Ultimate List of 2010

Cos you don’t get enough lists at Xmas. Best Game That Is “a bit mental”: Norrland by Cactus. You can download the game from here. There’s also a trailer there, but it’s best to play the game and not know anything about it. Trust me. Oh, and it’s not safe for work or children. Or […]

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The Wii

Yep, I finally got one. I have a total of three games for it – Wii Sports (came with it), Wii Sports Resort Sports (came with it as well), and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Out of the three, I’ve played Metroid Prime Trilogy, cos I actually wanted to play it. Started with Metroid Prime. The problem […]

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