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Weird games that I should play once a year until I am dead

Cos I just don’t make enough lists.

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Deadly Premonition, again again

22 hours. 22 glorious hours of being immersed in madness. 22 hours of a sometimes sublime, sometimes retarded Japanese to American translation; not just the text, but the setting too. 22 hours of a plot that starts off barmy, passes through stupid and certifiable, and ends up at charming. 22 hours, and it’s just not […]

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Deadly Premonition, again

I’ve restarted this game three times now. The furthest I’ve got is about a quarter of the way in. I think I’ve figured out enough (and read enough walkthroughs) to know what the score is. I should be able to do it all on this playthrough. Most games these days are concerned with something called […]

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Deadly Premonition

Things I love about Deadly Premonition: The main character is schizophrenic. And in the FBI. And he openly talks to the voice in his head. And one person in the entire game mentions this. The main character (the schizophrenic FBI agent), while investigating a grisly murder in a little town, gets a major clue from […]

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