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I made a video!

No prizes for guessing what it’s about.

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Guess Who

Right, let’s play a game. I’ll show you a series of images, and you have to guess what game they’re from. Ready?

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Juice Eggs: (Gary) Numan’s Rev Ablution

*** NO SPOILERS WHATSOEVER *** Deus Ex: Human Revolution has something that a first person shooter, or a third person shooter, hasn’t really had in a long time. It is called a learning curve. In order to play the game as it wants you to, and to maximise the XP gains as you play, you’ll […]

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Jew Sex: Human Revolution (again)

Something I love about DXHR is how some of the augments sound a bit shit, and you avoid them, and yet the creators have made at least one encounter in the game where a specific augment will make something fucking cool happen. For example, early in the game I got the “dual takedown” augment. Instead […]

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I’m 14 hours into the game, currently infiltrating a laboratory. I’m pompous enough to deliver a (half-arsed) verdict already. THINGS THAT ARE WRONG WITH DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION: Level design. More specifically, the hub level design. Detroit, Shanghai etc. In Detroit, in order to go from his apartment to the police station, Adam Jensen has […]

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Changed it

Got bored with the zombie look for this here site (a bit too emo for me, I guess). So I changed it. To this one. Fuck knows if anyone else but me even knows this site is here, but I’ve always been writing this for me anyways, so fuck it. I’ll make it look awesome […]

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