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Realisation part 2

Last agency mission in Just Cause 2. I accept it, and it says I’m finally going to kill that bastard Baby Panay. I’ll need the help of one of the three factions, so I should choose one to help me in the end game….. THREE factions?! There’s two! There’s only ever been two! I check […]

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Imagine the pre-credits sequence of any James Bond film. Imagine playing it in a game; every last-second dive from a falling car, every lazy parachute gliding away from an explosion, everything that made the first five minutes of James Bond movies awesome, all done by button presses that you made happen. That’s Just Cause 2, […]

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More Just Cause 2

Sandbox games usually have a problem – they tend to need to appear realistic and grounded, and yet they also need to enable the player to go over the top and be excessive. A dichotomy, if you will (checks; that’ll do). Grand Theft Auto 4 leaned heavily towards realism; if you wanted to go […]

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Just Cause 2

In between doing all sorts of daft shit in World of Warcraft, I’ve finally managed to get stuck into Just Cause 2. Just Cause 2 is a game in which the following things are guaranteed to happen (and not necessarily in this order): You see a car go past, and with one button press your […]

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This week, I have mostly been playing….

…. fuck all. OK, WoW has been the only thing I’ve played for ages now. Level 78, don’t’cha know? Also, other stuff. And I’m still gagging to get my teeth into Just Cause 2 properly, and Sins of a Solar Empire, and the other bajillion games I’ve recently bought for £4 each which are sitting […]

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For the record

Hello! For the record, I’ve not turned this blog into a linkdump. I’m merely waiting for inspiration to strike. I’m also waiting to break in my new keyboard, so that it actually types what I want it to, and not the general mash of keys my fat fingers aim at. For anyone who gives a […]

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