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Mass Effect sounds better (possibly)

I don’t understand. The first Mass Effect game had an awesome soundtrack. Ambient, but aslo sci-fi-ish. Always in the background, but always tickling your aural pathways when it had to. And *** spoiler alert *** the ending song choice was fucking inspired. The second Mass Effect game had a soundtrack provided by some orchestra, and […]

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Spam Effect

From: Ashley Williams Subject: Hiiiiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, it’s Ashley here, it was such a long time , how is it going with you there ? I heard that you got a new job, didn’t you? Is everything ok there ? Hey, can you believe it! I got married to Brian ! Yes I did. I tried […]

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Mass Effect – ur doin it wrong

According to Wired and Gamasutra, Jennifer Hale’s performance as the female Commander Sheppard is better than Mark Meer’s performance as the male Commander Sheppard, and players who pick a male Sheppard are missing out. I think there’s a contradiction between the two articles – the Wired piece ties in to the user data Bioware released […]

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