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The dog ate my homework

So I’ve gone without the internet for months, due to an argument with my service provider. More accurately, my service withholder, but whatever. What’s a guy to do when he doesn’t have access to Warcraft and as much porn as his eyes can process? This guy played pretty much ever game he had installed (or […]

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SWAT 4, a proper write-up

SWAT 4 is hard. Proper hard. Difficult. Not easy. Each level is a situation where the normal Police can’t get in. You and your men have to get in, subdue all the criminals, subdue all the civilians, and generally make it all safe. You’re given a variety of tools and guns and grenades, you choose […]

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SWAT 4 in the modern age

If you want to play SWAT 4 on anything higher than DOS, bear in mind the following points: If you want to skip the intro movies, don’t mouse-click your way through them, press Esc instead. On my Windows 7 64-bit Home Premiumy PC, if I mouse-click though, the game crashes after the intro if you […]

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Plants, zombies, and a SWAT team

All games are based on you knowing something, and then acting on that knowledge. Board games such as Chess and Go give you all the information you need to make an educated decision; you can see every piece, you know all the rules, and you can predict the outcome of any given decision. Within reason, […]

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