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The Darkness

(was meant to be playing Magicka last, but the multiplayer side of it is bugged to fuck, and I don’t want to spoil it by hoofing through the single player, so I had chance to finish The Darkness and finish this monster post too, so here it is) The ace thing about having a blog […]

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I’d intended to finish The Darkness last night, but Call of Shooty Duty appeared and made me giggle for a few hours. So here’s another preview of the EPIC MEGA POST that’s coming soon about The Darkness! Much like Jackie and his Darkness, I have a love / hate relationship with the game. Jackie loves […]

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This is an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the next post I’m going to type up. Remember, this is EXCLUSIVE; you won’t see this ANYWHERE ELSE on the internet, cos it is MINE. Ready? Here goes! The Darkness is a game for the Xbox 360 that assumes you like listening to things, rather than seeing things or, […]

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